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The government house was built in 1770 and was first used
New Bern has three historic districts with homes, stores, and churches dating as far back as the early 18th century. In fact, there are 36 individual ...
Governor's Palace
Government House, 2011
Boston Custom House
A red and white brick house with a sign in front of the house.
Historical drawing, US-American history, 18th century, State House, seat of the government in Boston, Massachusetts, New England, USA, 1770
Eugene Field House, built as a townhouse in 1829
grey-sided, two-story old house, second story hangs over first,
Rear view of a Scottish tenement, Edinburgh
The Greek Revival architectural style is the one most often associated with the antebellum South. Courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History .
two story house close to street, white stucco first floor and timber second floor with
History of Seychelles
front facade of a two story house with three dormers in a gambrel roof, pediment
History of Williamsburg, Virginia
Ely House, Ely Place, built c.1770
The De La Point-Krebs house in Pascagoula, Mississippi, built around 1770, is a good example of the Creole Cottage, and is the earliest surviving building ...
History of Philadelphia
Courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History . Larger view
French Colonial
The government house was built in 1770 and was first used as a prison. That
Middle-class house in Salisbury cathedral close, England, with minimal classical detail.
Architecture of St. Louis
This engraving by Paul Revere, portraying the Boston Massacre with a patriot's bias, shows the Old State House sitting prominently behind the action.
History of New York City
History Stories. The Stamp Act Riots
Boston Cityscape
History of Birmingham
from Wikipedia by del.
fog sets in on a brown sided house, side gable with deep red trim,
Bronck House, Coxsackie, NY, built 1663; Dutch Colonial
Beethoven House
yellow masonry two-story house with black shutters, small columned portico, flat roof
Corwin House, Salem, Massachusetts, built ca. 1660, First Period English
Governor's Palace - ruins
The École Militaire (1751–80) by Ange-Jacques Gabriel
Our History.
Nac - Old University Bldg 100_2426.JPG
10 Downing Street
A Brief History of Knysna from 1770 to 1890
The decorative “pineapple” was really a pinecone, seen here at Tidewater's Westover Plantation. It did not signify hospitality.
Sons of Liberty
Place Description ...
History of Sweden
Byers-Muma House, East Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, built ca. 1740; German Colonial
Caerlaverock Castle, a moated triangular castle, first built in the thirteenth century
Although many deterrent workhouses developed in the period after the New Poor Law, some had already been built under the existing system.
History of Baden-Württemberg
Black and white historical photo of large house, side view, second and third floors
Courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History . Larger view
Governor's Palace - guns
Palace of Versailles
Early Sketch of Tun Tavern in Philadelphia -- Birthplace of the Marines, National Archives
History of Virginia
Cordwood stacked near colonial homes and buildings—here Colonial Williamsburg's Golden Ball—feeds Historic Area fireplaces.
Custom House Tower, early 20th century
Sandy Bradshaw, behind a fire screen, avoids the heat.
Tobacco being loaded onto ships in the James River, Virginia, circa 1661.
The Graham House -- Built 1770 Lowell is just a "wide spot" in the road , State Rts. 3 and as it wends its way up the Lower Greenbrier.
The first Catholic Church in St. Louis built 1770. Mr. Gibault said the. History ...